Claiming her dream

Claiming her Dream

Historical Romance



A woman condemned for her ancestry and her gift of sight, Mary Hedlen has been sheltered from the brutal reality of being the daughter of a slave. She’s lived her life in the Virginia woods, hiding from a cruel and hate filled master. Haunted by visions of a man, Mary’s torn when she discovers the wounded body of a confederate soldier.

Caine Wells isn’t what he appears. A Confederate officer who’s defected, he’s carrying intelligence to Hooker’s men when he stumbles on Mary. Drawn to the mysterious woman, he is torn by his own conflicting emotions.

Together, they’ll risk everything for freedom in a land torn apart by war, by hatred, and fear.



Claiming Her Dream Excerpt:


Caine stepped through the trees and froze at the vision before him. A large, still pool spread out like a blanket. Dense moss-covered birch trees lined the far shore. Boulders dotted the bank near him, creating a perfect walkway into the water. Narrow, slow moving water skipped over rocks and gravel to dip into the pool. Living temptation stood waist deep in the middle. Her chocolate colored skin glistened with the cascading water from her cupped hands. Water sailed through the air like diamonds as she tossed black tresses over her shoulders. The ends skimmed over the water, waltzing with the current as she splashed glittering liquid over her naked shoulders.

Transfixed, he stared as her fingers delved into the tangled locks. Her movements revealed the pert globe of a breast and the neat tuck of her waist flowing into the curve of her hips. The tiny pucker above her buttocks begged to be kissed, to be licked, even nibbled.

In spite of his exhaustion, Caine noticed the less than subtle kick of his body’s reaction to the stunning beauty of the woman. His shaft stirred, pressing against the front placket of his trousers with a sudden jerk. The woman whipped around, her arms coming up to cover her naked breasts in a show of modesty.

He bit back a moan as she sank a few inches deeper into the water. Awareness and knowledge flared within her wide, dark gaze. Knowing, her gaze drifted over his ragged appearance, pausing at his neck, his cuffs, before moving further along his body to hesitate at his semi-hard penis. He shifted, uncomfortable with her assessment, filled with a certainty she could see every sin, every regret lost within the folds of his torn uniform, the bloodstains, the powder burns—all told of a battle, of death, things he wanted no part of, yet he couldn’t escape.