Christmas comes early this year. Don’t miss out!

July 22 Have A Merry Romantique’s Christmas relaunches with a new cover, new content (over 5K) just for our readers. The anthology features stories of magic, of love, romance, a dead body…and a ring to guide the characters to their soul mate.

A Christmas Love

“You’ve asked me several times, child, about me and your grandfather. How we met and fell in love.” Her grandmother set the pouch next to Lily-Rose’s teacup and sat in the soft armchair. Emma’s pale grey gaze met Lily-Rose. “So many times, you could tell me the tale by now. What I haven’t told you is the final piece. You’re of an age to marry, and I am aware your father’s belief marriage is nothing more than a business deal. However, I’d rather you marry for love.”

“Pappa says I’m to marry Mister Duncan’s eldest,” Lily-Rose whispered. “That it’s the only way to save–”

“He talks as though business is all there is.” Her grandmother waved a hand in the air. “No, no. Love is most important.” She held up a small pouch. “In this little bit of velvet and silk is the answer.” 

Lily-Rose lifted the pouch and tugged the drawstrings open, tilting it. A slim gold band with an intricate design of knots and a winking pink stone fell into her palm.

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