Agents of STARR

Counter Strike

A top secret, off the radar organization of special forces trained in counter terrorism, they are known only as the Agents of STARR. Men and women with only one purpose. Protect the weak and defend the helpless. Love, is a game they don’t get to play in…or do they.

A woman with secrets. A man with honor. Can love survive? Alex Caden a ghost, a blip on a screen. Kidnapped by an unknown foe, her rescue comes at the hands of an elite Navy SEAL team. But nothing is as it seems and danger lurks in the shadows. Now, hunted by those who want her silenced she’s forced to rely on her rescuer. Slade Lake has dedicated his life to keeping civilians safe. When he saves Alex, he knows as soon as he sees her that they’re meant to be together. With killers dogging their every step and secrets unfolding can they find love or will the enemies from the shadows destroy everything?

Counter Engagement

She’s the nightmare that haunts the worst of the worst, but he can’t help wanting her.

Raven O’Connell is a woman with dangerous secrets. One of the top STAR agents, her reputation precedes her even in the darkest corners of the world. When she meets Navy SEAL Zach Richter at her best friend’s wedding the sparks fly.

Zach is a man used to risking his life. A seasoned soldier, he’s grown accustomed to living on the edge. Long term wasn’t in the cards, not when he spent his life waiting on the next call to a war zone. What started out as a no-strings affair quickly blossomed into more.

But can they have a future when dark secrets and a dangerous mission push them into a life-threatening situation that will cost one of them more than they ever imagined?