Chains of Rome

By Patricia Bates

Survival. Freedom. She fights for both. He fights to protect her heart. 70 BC, Rome. A slave from birth, Salaria endures the bloody rule of her mistress while dreaming of freedom. Her domina’s jealousy and spite condemn her to endless misery when she is cast out of the villa. Thrown into the bowels of the gladiatorial school, Salaria takes Salaria takes control of her fate. Her life or death will be her own choosing. Warlord and Chieftain, Tritus is captured and sold into the savagery of the gladiatorial games. He thinks himself prepared for anything, but nothing equips him for the fiery passion

Amid the grandeur and violence, love struggles to bloom

Uncertainty. Fear. Salaria lives in their shadow, surviving the bite of the yoke upon her. As punishment, she’s thrown into a world of raw brutality, of lust, and blood.
Her survival depends on the proud ex-Chieftain who offers her protection.Tritus’s hatred of Rome is surpassed only by his quest for revenge.
Forced together to survive, their hearts burn for more. But love is a luxury no slave can afford. Their lives or deaths to be decided by the whims of a fickle crowd.Drawn together, determined to survive, they must find the strength to overcome. If they fail, they will lose more than just the fragile love they’ve found. The cost will be the lives they cling to so ardently.

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