The Mistaken Groom

Bitter enemies forced into a union to protect a clan’s honor. Lady Elizabeth Graham, the daughter of one of the most powerful Chieftains in the Highlands is under threat from an unknown enemy. When rumors threaten her father’s position, he doesn’t hesitate. Elizabeth finds herself imprisoned until she is presented to a bloody warrior as his bride. Chieftain Callum McGreghere is on his way home from a meeting of his allies when he is ambushed. Waking in the presence of his bitter enemy is enough to stir the clan to war. Only, it is not bloodshed Robert Graham demands. His protests ignored, Callum finds himself released with a new wife and an unspoken alliance with the enemy. Elizabeth finds herself drawn to the enemy – but can she save their clans from war when her father learns the truth?


The Mistaken Groom

A Scottish Highlander Romance

Bitter enemies forced into a union to protect a clan’s honor.

Amid rumors that threaten her father’s already precarious position, Lady Elizabeth Graham is forced to marry the leader of her clan’s most powerful enemy. The betrayal runs deeper as she is thrust into a loveless marriage with a man who’s touch makes her burn. Freeing herself means risking the safety of her clan, remaining puts her heart in danger.

Chieftain Callum McGreghere is a man determined to keep his people free. Ambushed and dragged before the Graham cheiftain, Callum is gifted his enemies greatest treasure and the means to destroy the man. Putting his wife’s happiness before his own need for revenge, Callum will risk everything to protect her and her people from an inside threat.

Forced into an unlikely union, can bitter enemies find happiness or will greed and betrayal destroy them?


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