Kidnapped Grooms A Scottish Highlander Series

The Mistaken Groom

Bitter enemies forced into a union to protect a clan’s honor.
Lady Elizabeth Graham, the daughter of one of the most powerful Chieftains in the Highlands is under threat from an unknown enemy. When rumors threaten her father’s position, he doesn’t hesitate. Elizabeth finds herself imprisoned until she is presented to a bloody warrior as his bride.
Chieftain Callum McGreghere is on his way home from a meeting of his allies when he is ambushed. Waking in the presence of his bitter enemy is enough to stir the clan to war. Only, it is not bloodshed Robert Graham demands. His protests ignored, Callum finds himself released with a new wife and an unspoken alliance with the enemy.
Elizabeth finds herself drawn to the enemy – but can she save their clans from war when her father learns the truth?

Married To the Enemy

Clan Frazer must secure an alliance to save themselves from the power of the Sinclair clan – and the threat of the English. Only things are never as easy as they appear.

Desperate to escape her future, Meredith Frazer is trapped between her clan’s survival and an alliance that churns her stomach. If she marries the Sinclair Chieftain’s son, there would be peace, but her clan would endure great suffering – as slaves in complete domination.

Chieftain Ailen Lindsay has his hands full with the attacks on his people from the Sinclairs. He wakes one night to find a knife at his throat and a green-eyed beauty threatening him.

Marry her or she would destroy him.

Abducted by the Lady

Elayne Duncan is determined to see her sister home before their father’s health fails him and he passes on. Learning her sister is whispered to be among the McFarlene’s, she hatches a plan. The McFarlene clan has boasted more than once they would pay handsomely for the head of the Kieth Chieftain. If she can capture the man, perhaps they will free her sister.

Ian Kieth is a man with dark secrets. With little to no ties to anyone, he has survived in the wilds of the highlands for years. Ambushed by a fiery headed woman, Ian finds himself at her mercy while he tries to uncover the truth.

Can they uncover the truth of Elayne’s sister before it was too late or will Elayne’s clan pay the ultimate price?

Kidnapping Her Husband

When Chieftain Liam Lamont meets Lady Nichola, he’s torn. A stunning beauty, Lady Nichola is everything a man could want in a wife. If a man could look past her faults. The biggest being she’s half English.

Determined to escape an arranged marriage to a man thrice her age, Nichola will do anything. Even find a ‘husband’ who her father despises. When she meets the sexy highlander, Nichola sees an opportunity.

Bitterness and anger war with the instant attraction they feel. Still, can the Highlander and the English woman find common ground or will the bitter rivalry between their two families drive them apart?

The Wrong Groom

Angus MacKenzie returns to his clan’s territory for his cousin’s wedding. Instead of a wedding, he discovers his clan splintered and in dire need of a leader after the murder of their Chieftain. Angus swears he will find the culprit and bring them to justice.

Lady Isabel Campbell is at a loss. Her betrothed is unwilling to marry her, his kin are adrift after a brutal murder and the only one who seems to know what to do is a belligerent warrior.

When she learns she’s to be given to a McPherson, Isabel takes matters into her own hands. Married in name only, can Angus and Isabel find common ground and allow their love to grow before the enemies lurking in the shadows strike?